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Thank you to The Bert Show and Q100 for inviting us to be a part of the finale for Live Like a Woman Week!
What better way to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Just when Georgia passed a law for breast density, the federal government has now passed a federal law requiring mandatory reporting of breast density in all 50 states as of February 15.

Our Passion Runs Pink!

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3D Breast Imaging Services

3D Mammography

Our Passion Runs Pink!

Women’s Imaging Specialists (WIS) Cumming provides compassionate, individualized, and state-of-the-art 3D breast imaging to women. Our 3D breast imaging, digital mammography, 3D breast ultrasound, and bone densitometry services are focused on the early screening and detection of breast cancer and osteoporosis. We recognize and respond with respect and dignity to the individual physical and emotional needs of our patients. Our team communicates openly and honestly and practice ethically with those whom we serve, realizing that our work makes a difference in our patient’s lives and in our community. We exist to provide care to all those who come to us. It is a privilege for us to participate in the care of our patients.

3D Breast Imaging Facility

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3D Breast Imaging

2D / 3D Digital Mammography

New 3D mammography captures multiple slices of breast images, all at different angles, and the images are brought together to create a crystal-clear 3D reconstruction of the breast. One of our most popular 3D breast imaging services, 3D mammography finds 27% more cancer than 2D and reduces callbacks by up to 40%. Simply put… 3D is the best mammogram!

2D Breast Ultrasound

2D Breast Ultrasound

A 2D Breast ultrasound is sometimes used to evaluate specific breast problems that are found during a screening, diagnostic mammogram, or physical exam. This breast ultrasound is also used to differentiate cystic from solid masses.

3D Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound

3D Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound

3D breast imaging technology that utilizes ultrasound to scan the entire breast, and there is no breast compression or radiation associated with this procedure. The scan produces 3D volumetric images of the breast for review by the radiologist and is another 3D breast imaging tool for women with dense breasts.


Volpara Breast Density Assessment

WIS offers FREE breast density assessment. Volpara automatically and rapidly analyzes the structure, texture, and dispersion of the breast tissue, rather than simply estimating total fibroglandular volume. Volpara Breast Density equips physicians with another innovative tool to employ in screening mammography.

Bone Densitometry

Bone Densitometry

A bone density scan uses dual-energy x-rays to measure bone loss and is particularly useful in the diagnosis of Osteoporosis, which is one of the most preventive diseases today. Your bone density is important because it can help to reduce the risk of getting a fracture.

All-In-One 3D Solution

All in One Solution

Women’s Imaging Specialists (WIS) can deliver a turnkey solution focused on 3D digital mammography…


2D / 3D Telemammography


Sub-specialized expert women’s imaging radiologists. As founders and owners, we take pride in the quality …


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Complete proprietary workflow ensures seamless transition of information and images from acquisition…


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